“Did you know you can get reimbursed for a cleaning fee if a rider creates an unfortunate mess in your vehicle?”

We understand that it isn’t always pleasant or easy to do this and at the time of the event. However, Ola is here to support you and to ensure we can do that efficiently and suitably, the provision of details and photographic evidence of the incident, is very helpful to quickly resolve within a suitable time frame.

For you to start the cleaning fee reimbursement process with Ola,the following information must be sent to Ola, and you must do so within a 60 minute timeframe:

  1. You need 2-3 clear pictures of the mess  (photos that are not clear, will not be accepted)
  2. You must identify the trip the issue occurred. Provide the CRN, your cleaning receipt and any other identifying information that would help to support
  3. A brief description of what happened and any additional circumstances

Once Ola reviews the details, trip & photographs provided, advice will be provided to you regarding reimbursement.

A maximum of $150 will be reimbursed, depending on the type of mess and evidence provided to the team.

In situations, depending on the level of mess to your vehicle, you may need to refrain from accepting rides, until the mess is fixed.

Ola offers 24/7 Driver Support, so we are always available to help you.

If you find yourself in a ‘cleaning pickle’, contact us:

Phone: 03 8594 1941.

Email: care.australia@olacabs.com

Don’t forget to include all information, as outlined above, to help us, help you.